Thirsty for Love

My dehydrated soul longed for a storm to wash my universal body.

Then he came along looking like a bottle of room temperature water with a squeezed lemon I prefer.

We intensely starred at each other as though there was a some force that prevented us both from looking away.

He approached me, later we spoke. He was professional, appealing, honest, seductive, masculine, unapologetic, confident, intense, intelligent and appropriate.

For a moment I really thought, I met the man of my dreams, a real life Christian Grey. We talked for a while, I adored him and he adored me.


man, loneliness, sea-2915187.jpg

After several months of good morning text, late night extended calls, being vulnerable, random dinners, impromptu meet ups and amazing sex.

It all came to a halt just as my heart was soaked with all these feelings and desires for him. 

Now I was drenched in tears, grieving the lost of someone I thought the universe created specifically just for me.  Knowing we had a situation, not thinking that state of affairs would be the end of the organic connection we formed over time.


sea, ocean, water-2568170.jpg

Like that Mr. Grey had abandoned  what we had

Like the desert, I was left dry and waterless. 

Im patiently waiting to quench that thirst that I once had.


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