Opening the Closet Doors to Let You In…….

Welcome to MyCloset Shoppe, your blog source for lifestyle and excellent quality resell products. We’re dedicated to providing you the best content as well as the best affordable and trendy products for men, women and children.

After several years of the subconscious mind giving our owner, Tameka Black, blatant signs that this is what she should pursue, she finally acted on it. Tameka, started out by going to thrift stores and spending hours rumbling through racks all while discovering fantastic pieces some of which were her size and some she wished she could fit but often knew someone who would benefit from a thrift find. She realized that others too loved items from thrift store but they just hated designating their time finding to find items.

Tameka then concluded since she actually enjoyed the hunt of finding great items at thrift stores, why not help others with recycled goods. It was first a hobby and later grew into a passion, hard work and aspiration bloomed into this online blog. Focusing ways to improve our lifestyle while having fun, speaking truths and sustaining our eco-friendly universe.

We hope you enjoy our products and post much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tameka B. Black CEO, Founder.